Coffee - Decaf - Colombia Sugar
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Coffee - Decaf - Colombia Sugar

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Method of Decaffeination:  This Valle del Cauca Excelso is decaffeinated in Colombia using the sugar removal method. Ethyl Acetate is an organic by-product of the fermentation of sugar cane. It removes 97% of the caffeine from the beans. The process tends to leave a slight and very pleasant sweet flavor.

Region: Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Roast: Dark

Flavor Notes: Caramel, Hazelnut and Nougat

About This Coffee:  The Valle del Cauca region is one of two main conservation corridors in Colombia. Farmers in this region are keenly aware of the importance of the preservation of natural resources, water management and friendly environmental practices.  The result is robust and flavorful beans which lend themselves to a darker roast without taking on burnt notes.  Roasted in small batches here in Los Angeles by our team, we believe this is one of the finest decaffeinated coffees available.



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