Beverages - After The Show - Herbal Tea
Nathan Dean and The Damn Band

Beverages - After The Show - Herbal Tea

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Brewing Instructions for Loose Leaf Tea:  Place two teaspoons into a tea strainer.  Pour 8 oz of newly boiled water over the tea.  Let steep 5 – 7 minutes.   Enjoy!

About This Tea: The perfect cup of tea to wind down after a gig.   South African organic rooibos lends a pleasant natural sweetness to this tea, while chamomile turns rock n roll into lullabyes.  Add to that, the comforting flavors of chai which warm and relax your body.  All these flavors and scents work together to bring you to a peaceful place to aid in meditation, relaxation and slumber.


Ingredients:  Organic rooibos, organic chamomile, organic cinnamon, organic cloves, organic cardamom, organic orange peel and natural flavor.


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