Responsible Disposal of Products

Our Commitment to the Earth

When Single Serve Co was formed, one of our first objectives was to ensure that we not contribute to our planet’s pollution problems. So before we opened for business, we first created a solution for the waste.

This is our commitment. 
Our goal is to ensure that every component of our packaging is disposed of responsibly.  We take great effort in sourcing as many compostable items as possible.  We own an industrial composting system and are in the process of breaking down items which have not been certified as compostable and determining what their impact is on the soil. This is going to be a lengthy process, but one that we feel is important.  As a new company, we are still learning.  As we learn, we will be updated this page.  We are dedicated students and responsible stewards of Mother Earth.  We hope you will help us.

We carry BPI certified, industrially compostable pods.  Our lids are not certified compostable yet.   Until then, we remove the lids from the pods and compost them separately. 

Eventually, we look forward to packaging safe, nutrient dense soil and selling it with seed packets to our customers who care about full circle earth solutions.


  • If you purchased from a cafe or store, check to see if they have a return program with us.  Many of our customers do.
  • You may mail the used product back to us at the address on the box or bottle.

If you would like to dispose of the product yourself, here are the guidelines.


Guidelines for Disposing of Single Serve Co Products

1. Used Pods

  • BPI certified industrially compostable. (view certification)
  • Return to a compostable plastics return center.  Here is a map:
  • Please do NOT put these pods in your city recycler unless they allow Compostable Plastics. 
  • You can put them in your garden compost, but they will likely be there for longer than you prefer.

2.  Lids:  Remove the lids and send to your city recycler.  The adhesive is RCA certified and the ink is chlorine free.  We are working on getting them fully compostable certified.

3. Boxes - Our boxes are 100% recyclable, including those with matte and glossy labels.  The adhesive on the labels are Recycling Compatible Adhesives (RCA) certified. Our ink is chlorine free.  Some people choose to garden compost these boxes.  However, be aware that they are not certified compostable and the glossy boxes are coated with a recyclable plastic.  We recommend you re-purpose them or put them in your city recycler.

4. Bags:

  • Our 12 - 16 oz bags are garden compostable.  The degassing valve is recyclable plastic.
  • Our 4 oz bags are recyclable and re-useable.

5.  Tins:  re-fill, re-purpose or recycle!

*Single Serve Co does not yet hold any ASTM certifications.