COMPO Cup Brewing and Machine Maintenance

Congratulations! You've just purchased a Single Serve Co product made with a Keurig compatible COMPO Cup.  Our products are packaged to order using eco-responsible products.  So no only are you taking steps toward being kind to the earth, you are also about to drink one of the freshest single serve pods available.  We hope you can taste the difference!

MACHINE MAINTENANCE:  Compostable products break down faster than metals and plastics, therefore we advise that you clean and maintain your machine regularly to avoid residue build up. 

  • Check the bottom of the pod reservoir on your machine. It is removable on most models, can be run under hot water,  and cleaned carefully with a tooth or pastry brush. Take care that you don’t break the needle.
  • The rubber stopper with the needle that pierces the top of your cup can be removed and run under hot water to remove debris.
  • Descale your machine every 2 - 3 months, depending on how hard your water is.  Add 1 cup of white vinegar to your water reservoir and fill the rest with water. Run 2 cycles without a pod.  Remove the vinegar solution and refill with water.  Run once more cycle with just water. This process will remove any mineral build up.


TIPS, TRICKS & TROUBLESHOOTING:  We hope your COMPO cup experience is flawless.  Should you encounter an issue, and have already cleaned the machine, please review the following guidelines:

  • Verify that your machine is compatible with Keurig 2.0 pods.
  • Some machine models require a little extra help piercing the bottom of the pod, so we recommend SNAPPING the pod into place before closing the machine.
  • Be sure to close the lid firmly on your machine, if it is not pressure sealed, you may experience back flow leaks.
  • Many machines are not compatible with environments over 6000 ft in elevation. If you are high in the sky, you can try piercing the bottom of your COMPO cup twice before brewing to see if that helps.  Otherwise, you may need to buy a machine that has a high altitude setting.  Many of the Keurig models accommodate this.
  • Are you still having trouble? Please text a photo of the pod and the machine to 805 579 8989 so we can help you.


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