Zero Waste K-Cup Solution

October, 2020, Single Serve Co, a  Southern California company becomes the first company to offer a Zero Waste solution to consumers in the hot water infused single serve market.

Using compostable single serve pods (k-cup style) was the first step in this process, but it wasn’t enough.  Every box of pods we produce, now also includes a compostable envelope. Consumers only need to place their used k-cups and associated packaging into the envelope and mail it to us where we take care of the composting process.  

All hard plastic products that are compostable need to be composted by an industrial composter, something that is not commonly known or promoted by the companies who manufacture these  products.  Another little publicized issue with compostable plastics is that they cannot be recycled with other plastics. If they are added to your local waste management recycle bin, it essentially taints the entire bin which will then all end up in a landfill.  

We noticed that with Covid restrictions, we had taken a giant step backward in protecting our earth.  Masks, gloves and disposable containers are everywhere.  It's heartbreaking. Our goal is to provide a solution to local businesses that will assist them in resolving Covid restriction challenges.  But it is important to us that we not contribute to waste issues. Using catch phrases isn't enough, we did our homework.  We're confident in our process and believe in making the process transparent.  

Single Serve Co wants it’s  partners to be 100% confident that each of their customers will have a convenient, Zero Waste solution to get their used pods to the right composter and be broken down into carbon dioxide, water and biomass. 

*Our compostable pods are compatible with Keurig machine k-cups. However we have no association with Keurig.

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