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Unless otherwise stated, your COMPO cups have been formulated to be enjoyed as an 8 oz serving.  However, some of us like things stronger or weaker and there are a myriad of machines with different settings.  We invite you to play around with the options and find out how YOU enjoy your COMPO cup best.

Your COMPO cups are INDUSTRIALLY COMPOSTABLE.  And all the contents of your purchase are fully compostable or recyclable.  We take the guess work out of it, by providing you with an envelope.  Simply put the used product in the envelope and send it back to us.  We’ll take care of the rest!

You may notice that the hole in the top of your COMPO cup is much larger than a typical foil-top K-cup.  This is normal and should not interfere with the brewing process. 

We hope your COMPO cup experience is flawless.  But sometimes there are malfunctions.  Following are some tips and tricks to help if you are having problems with your COMPO cups brewing correctly.

  • Verify that your machine is compatible with Keurig 2.0 pods. 
  •  Check the bottom of the pod reservoir on your machine.  Sometimes, it gets clogged or  the piercing mechanism has some grinds stuck to it.   You can clean it with a pastry or tooth brush.  Take care that you don’t break the needle. 
  • There is a black rubber seal that goes around the top needle. If any paper or coffee residue collects on this it can be easily removed and washed with warm water. 
  • Some machine models require a little extra help piercing the bottom of the pod, so we recommend SNAPPING the pod into place before closing the machine. 
  • Be sure to close the lid firmly on your machine, if it is not pressure sealed, you may experience back flow leaks. 
  • If you’ve been using your machine for awhile, it may be time to descale it.  This removes mineral build up which can interfere with water flow. 
  • Many machines are not compatible with environments over 6000 ft in elevation.  If you are high in the sky, you can try piercing the bottom of your COMPO cup twice before brewing to see if that helps.  Otherwise, you may need to buy a machine that has a heat adjustment setting and/or has a high altitude setting.  Many of the Keurig models accommodate this. 
  • If the k-cup has come unsealed between the lid and the cup, then this may be a manufacturing error. We definitely want to know about it!  Please send a photo to 805 579 8989 and we’ll replace your faulty pods right away! 



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